Visiting Clinic for Patients with Atopic Dermatitis by Dr. Takehara

I am Kazuhiko Takehara, the former professor of Kanazawa University, Department of Dermatology.


I just retired from Kanazawa University Hospital and am starting a new style of dermatology clinic.

My clinic is unique and specializes in atopic dermatitis. I am visiting patients, and I have no clinic building. I will visit patients at their home, office or hotel nationwide. I am available Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays. I am even available at night. Therefore, you do not have to leave school or work, and instead can wait for me at the appointed time and place. If you live abroad, we can arrange a short and intensive treatment course by having you come to Tokyo and stay at a hotel for a week or longer.


Please note that the treatment for you is not covered is not covered by health insurance. Bills and payment are 55,000 yen per visit, and you will be charged for drug and transportation costs. Please contact me for more detailed information.


I have seen more than tens thousands patients with atopic dermatitis over a nearly 40-year career. In the Japanese Dermatology Association Project, I worked as a chief of the Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Problem Committee from 1999 to 2001 and on the chief board of Atopic Dermatitis Problems to fight against the ATOPY INDUSTRY (so-called Atopy Business in Japan), which cheats patients by fake treatment. I have also personally fought against the ATOPY INDUSTRY for many years.

I have written 9 books on atopic dermatitis for patients to educate them and 3 textbooks on atopic dermatitis for use by young doctors.

My concise CV is below.

I am now 65 years old. I graduated from The Tokyo University and became a member of the Department of Dermatology The Tokyo University in 1979. Just 15 years later, I became a professor of Kanazawa University, Department of Dermatology in 1984 at the age of 40 years old. Since then, I had worked for 25 years as a professor at Kanazawa University.


When I was a professor of Kanazawa University, I worked in the clinic for atopic dermatitis three times a week. Patients from all over Japan came to my clinic for my method of intensive care and they all had a good clinical course. When I worked at Kanazawa University, my clinic was unique. For all patients, I held an hour lecture on atopic dermatitis at the first visit to teach how to plan the strategy of treatment, how to use ointment, and resolve their fear of corticosteroid ointment. Our goal is that patients become able to manage their disease by themselves with proper usage of corticosteroid ointment. I guarantee that its correct usage will markedly improve the quality of life and has no risks if the patients follow my guidance.


Please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail in English or Japanese. My e-mail address is below.

I welcome any patient from outside of Japan or foreigners living in Japan. If you live outside of Japan, I recommend that you come to Tokyo and stay for a week or longer.
See you soon.